What The Funds Do

The funds provide financial assistance to needy Canadian ex-service personnel, and Merchant Navy personnel possessing or eligible for campaign stars or decorations, and their dependents. Also eligible are ex-service personnel of other Commonwealth and Allied countries, now residing in Canada.

Who Owns The Funds

Poppy funds are public funds, held in trust by the Legion until spent as designed. They must be kept in separate trust accounts. And they must be spent, not accumulated for a rainy day. Normally, at least 90 per cent of the funds collected each year should be spent before the next campaign.

What Else Are The Funds Used For

  • The cost of operating a service bureau or its equivalent
  • Bursaries to children and grandchildren of ex-service personnel
  • Prizes for promotional contests directly connected with the campaign
  • Campaign costs, including the purchase of poppies, wreaths, promotional aids, canvassing supplies, reasonable expenses of poppy chairmen and committee members, advertising expenses and telephone, telegraph, postage and stationery
  • Community medical appliances and medical research
  • Drop-in centers for the elderly, meals on wheels, transportation and related services for veterans, their dependents and the aged
  • Donations for relief of disasters declared by the federal or provincial governments
  • Under certain conditions, housing for ex-service personnel, the elderly and disabled
  • Within limits, assistance to ex-service personnel and dependents of Commonwealth countries residing outside Canada, e.g. donations to the Legion’s RECL Fund

What The Funds Can’t Do

  1. The following expenditures are not authorized:

The following are unauthorized expenditures that have been identified over the years. If you are considering an expenditure that is not listed in either Chapter 3 or 4 of this manual, you should contact your Provincial Command prior to the expenditure being made.

Failure to do so, or misuse of these guidelines, will result in the branch being required to repay the full amount to the Branch Poppy Trust Fund from the Branch General Fund.

  1. Campaign (not authorized)
    1. hot meals and alcohol-based beverages for Poppy Campaign organizers, workers and volunteers. Examples of unauthorized expenditures would include restaurants and eateries that would not be considered able to provide a meal at minimal expenses. Provincial commands may demand that branches provide proof of repayment to the Branch Poppy Trust funds.
  2. Ceremony (not authorized)
    1. expenses incurred for Remembrance Day ceremonies and Decoration Day ceremonies.
    2. purchase or rentals of the installation of public address systems at cenotaphs.
  3. Funerals (not authorized)
    1. the purchase of floral tributes or wreaths for deceased Veterans or their families.
    2. lunches or refreshments related to the funeral of Veterans.
    3. payment for funerals or miscellaneous funeral home expenses.
    4. the payment for the service of a bugler/piper or musicians at the funeral of Veterans.
    5. the purchase of cemetery plots, flag-poles, Flags and accessories.
    6. the purchase of headstones, grave markers, memorial plaques for cenotaphs.
  4. Assistance (not authorized)
    1. the payment of property taxes for Veterans.
    2. the money for death benefit funds at branches. (Some branches collect and provide a funeral benefit plan for members. Poppy funds cannot be included in these plans.)
    3. home care, housekeeping services or grounds keeping, such as grass cutting, leaf raking, snow removal, etc. (Contact VAC regarding the use of the VIP program)
    4. the provision of loans.
    5. the purchase of comforts for senior citizens in hospitals or nursing homes that do not meet the criteria listed in Section 402 of this manual.
    6. general or non-specific donations to charities, registered or non-registered, or not for profits that do not meet the criteria listed in Sections 401, 402 or 403 of this manual. Examples include, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, March of Dimes, non-Legion administered Food Banks, etc or for administrative or operational expenses of any organization. When in doubt, contact your provincial command for direction.
  5. Education (not authorized)
    1. the funding of scholarships.
    2. the purchase of equipment for showing Remembrance films.
    3. public speaking events
    4. honour roll plaques for schools.
  6. Branch (not authorized)
    1. any expenses incurred at conventions.
    2. renovations of any sort to branch premises except as outlined in Subsection 403. ii.j.
    3. the purchase of medals, including war medals.
    4. branch related utilities, expenses and leases, rent and mortgages
  7. Community (not authorized)
    1. donations to community events, schools, youth groups (except cadets) or Legion oriented programs.
    2. public service projects such as donations to churches, memorial funds, recreational facilities, furnishings and non-medical equipment for hospital wards/rooms