Leadership Camp

The Royal Canadian Legion New Brunswick Command has been involved with the Youth of Canada and the Province of New Brunswick for generations. Our commitment to our Youth, Seniors, Veterans and Communities is our reason for existence as an organization. The Legion is the largest volunteer organization in the country, contributing millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer service to our communities.

For over 80 years the Legion has been playing a leadership role in almost every aspect of Canadian life. The Legion has contributed immeasurably to the building of this Country of ours. In times of war and peace the Legion has been at the forefront in every community, assisting all citizens in need.

Our Youth Leadership Camp, runs annually at Mount Allison University in Sackville, and celebrated its 50th year of operation in July 2009. Since it’s beginning, this camp has provided “Leadership Training” for over 4000 young New Brunswick students (grade 10 & 11) from every part of the Province. The cost to the Legion for operating this Camp over these many years is in excess of 1.75 million dollars.

Graduates of this Camp have imparted the knowledge they have gained to fellow students and have gone on to be leaders in our society.