Pilgrimage of Remembrance

Every two years in July the Royal Canadian Legion organizes a Pilgrimage of Remembrance to perpetuate the remembrance of those Canadians who fought and died for our country. The Pilgrims visit World War 1 and World War II battlefields, the cemeteries where our fallen are buried and the monuments to their valor.

Dominion Command of The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors one (1) candidate from each province, each of whom is selected by a Provincial Command. Individual Branches, Commands and Government Departments are encouraged to sponsor additional persons. The participants are selected on the following basis:

  • Age of majority
  • Legion member
  • Activities as leaders of youth groups
    • Teachers
    • Instructors
    • Coaches
  • Willingness and ability to pass on the experiences gained
    • To their group
    • To other groups
    • Youth