53rd Annual Youth Leadership Camp

January 27, 2012

Packages were sent out to schools yesterday for the 53rd Annual Youth Leadership Camp.

Leadership camp is not an activity or sport camp but a camp whereby leadership skills are developed through a wide variety of activities.  Sport(s) skills are the primary activities used throughout the camp.

Leadership is a widely researched topic and leadership development can take many forms.  The over all purpose of this camp is to develop leadership characteristics already present in the selected campers.  This is first done by practice and experiences.

Leadership qualities and personal characteristics of leadership will be nurtured throughout the 8 days of the camp.  The most important outcome of this camp experience will be growth in personal and interpersonal leadership skills, knowledge and values.  These out comes typically will include improvement in communication skills (listening, speaking and writing), sensitivity to and respect for others, team building skills, appropriate use of leadership styles, self confidence, networking, planning, organizing and decision making.

The youth leadership camp has continuously developed leaders for virtually every high school in New Brunswick the last 53 years.  The camp is ever evolving. At the end of each camp student complete a comprehensive questionnaire which is used to further improve the camp.  The staff of leadership camp is carefully selected from professional physical educators who themselves have demonstrated high levels of personal leadership.

Applications are due to principals by March 9.

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